Thank you so much for you interest in our cameras. We have received many emails from people looking to place orders, and we're working diligently to bring the cameras back for you to enjoy. Please help us focus on making that happen more quickly by checking the sales related FAQ below.


We are grateful for the enthusiasm everyone has shown for Malefic cameras. For non-sales related inquiries, you can use our contact form.


Due to the negative impact responding to sales inquiries is having on resuming production, we will no longer respond to these messages, which are already answered below.

How do I purchase a camera?

In September of 2020 Andrea announced he was no longer taking new orders, and unable to continue producing cameras. All sales are thus temporarily suspended. We will announce when sales can resume.

Do you have any of "x" camera in stock I can buy?

All Malefic cameras are made to order, and not sold from stock.

Can still buy STL files?

At the moment all sales, including STL files, are suspended.

When will camera sales resume?

We will publicly post an announcement on the site when we're able to share more information regarding making new cameras.