Exceptional results, affordable price

MALEFiC 4x5 designs can be adapted to all most-sold large format lenses in the market with #00, #0 and #1 shutter sizes.

It works with 4x5 (or 9x12cm) sheet films to use with standard TOYO / FIDELITY 4x5" (or 9x12cm) film backs.

We can fit the design for lenses with up to 150mm focal length and down to 45mm. For 45, 47, 55, 58mm we can provide only the fixed focus version (without any focusing mechanism - lenses focused to infinity).

Unlike other traditional folding types, this camera body is small, compact and light-weight. The 90mm version weighs only 350 grams! No more expansive, professional, and bulky bags for large format photography!​


Focus made fast and easy

We designed an efficient and steady plastic mechanism to get the subject focused from 50cm* to infinity using an ergonomic ring. Focusing can be done by using a traditional glass ground or using a laser rangefinder (to get subject distance).   

Two strong springs allow to change rapidly the film back.

MALEFIC 4x5 comes with:

  • Standard cold shoe adapter

  • Bubble level

  • Remote shutter cable holder

  • 1/4" UNC tripod mount nut


The compactness of the body allows the photographer to use it as "point and shoot" camera (additional tripod mount is required).

Then, it is available an affordable 3D printed optical viewfinder (sold only with the camera) which completes the set.

A very versatile ground glass to focus the fine focus the subject is included in the basic version.

It can be easily slotted in and removed in seconds.