The multi-format panoramic camera body.

It produces 6x9, 6x12 and 6x17 sized medium format negatives.

Solid construction in PLA+, PETG, WOOD+ plastics and aluminium. It goes with 120 format film rolls and produces

  • 4 (four) 6x17cm negatives or

  • 6 (six) 6x12cm negatives or

  • 8 (eight) 6x9cm negatives.


We can fit the design for lenses up to 120mm and down to 65mm.

Lenses cones with focus (and focus scale included) are interchangeble.

#00 and #0 shutter sizes are well accepted.


Exceptional results, affordable price

The TRiPLET comes with a 3D printed WOOD+ filament hadn grip, two standard metallic coldshoes, a bubble level and a 1/4" UNC tripod mount at the bottom.

The lensboard is interchangeble and it can be replaced quickly (by tightening four steel handscrews.
The knobs on the top allows the user to advance (or rewind) the film at the desidered frame.

​Once loaded, the 120 film is advanced by rotating the knob counterclockwise. The exposure number can be read on the sliding window available on the back of the camera.
Left knob could be used to rewind or fine-center the exposure frame.


The lens cone incorporates a precise focus mechanism with focus scale which make quick and simple the shooting experience.
Minimum focus distance is 1.5 meters.

Included 3 different negative masks for taking 6x17, 6x12 and 6x9 format images.