MALEFiC Doublet 6x12

MALEFiC DOUBLET (Produces negatives in 6x9 and 6x12 formats)

  • 3D printed camera body with MADE IN EUROPE PLA filament and PETG filaments. 100% INFILL!
  • CNC machined aluminium parts, brass inserts, steel handscrews.
  • Weight: about 300 grams (90mm version)
  • Printing time: over 20 hours at 40mm/s
  • Handgrips printed with WOOD filament
  • no. 2 negative masks (6x9, 6x12)
  • Acrylic paint coated
  • no. 1 cold shoes
  • no. 1 bubble level
  • no. 1 lens cone (The lensboard cone will be designed and printed on basis of requested lens. Please leave message in the cart while ordering)
  • 1/4" Tripod mount


Body material options:

  • PLA+ plastic filament
  • Carbon Fiber filament (more resistant)


Grips options:

  • PLA+ plastic filament grips (black)
  • WOOD filament grips (coconut)


Accessories options:

  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Shutter cable release
  • Super flat matte black coating for an increased photo sharpness (that will minimize the internal reflections)


The item does not include the lens.


The lens cone will be designed and printed on basis of requested lens.


This camera body/cone works with to all most-sold large format lenses in the market (Rodenstock, Schneider, Fujinonn Nikkor) with #0 shutter size.


Focal length accepted:

From 65 to 150mm.


As it is a camera which produces 6x17 negatives an appropriate lens with sufficient image circle diameter is needed to avoid significative vignetting.

Furthermore, due to physical constraints, the rear optical element diameter of the lens must not be more than 63mm.


Before place the order, please be sure that your lens is compatible or just ask to us.

We will be pleased to answer to your questions.


How to choose cones for your lens:

Just leave a short note in textbox while ordering the camera.

We will accord to know your choice before processing the order.


Processing time:

Order verification, project design, printing, finishing, quality check and packaging.

That time may take up to 15 business (3D printing is a very slow process).

Please consider this before order.


Film Loading recommendation

When loading the film, remember to put correctly the film clip, within its housing, otherwise the film could get stuck inside. In that case do not force the mechanism.


Recommended Storage and Use Temperature:

-20 to 50 °C / -4 to 122 °F


Compatible Lenses

Super-Symmar HM120mm F5.6
Apo-Symmar MC120mm F5.6
Apo-Symmar MC135mm F5.6
Apo-Symmar MC150mm F5.6
Macro-Symmar HM120mm F5.6
Xenar 150mm F5.6
G-Claron 150mm F9
Super-Angulon XL58mm F5.6
Super-Angulon MC65mm F5.6
Super-Angulon MC90mm F8
LF Topcor 150mm F5.6
Nikkor SW65mm F4
Nikkor SW75mm F4.5
Nikkor SW90mm F8
Nikkor W135mm F5.6
Nikkor W150mm F5.6
Nikkor AMED 120mm F5.6
Apo-Grandagon 55mm F4.5
Grandagon N 65mm F4.5
Grandagon N 75mm F4.5
Grandagon N 75mm F6.8
Grandagon N 90mm F6.8
Apo-Sironar N 150mm F5.6
Apo-Sironar S 135mm F5.6
Apo-Sironar S 150mm F5.6
Apo-Sironar W 150mm F5.6
Geronar 150mm F6.3
Fujinon W105mm F5.6
Fujinon W125mm F5.6
Fujinon W135mm F5.6
Fujinon W150mm F5.6
CM Fujinon W105mm F5.6
CM Fujinon W125mm F5.6
CM Fujinon W135mm F5.6
CM Fujinon W150mm F5.6


Your lens is not in the list? Please leave us a message, we will check for you the compatibility!

MALEFiC Doublet 6x12

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