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Dive into the panoramic end

We couldn't find a reasonably affordable 6x17 camera, so we made one.

Exceptional portability thanks to PLA+ filament, which provides a strong body with minimal weight. Our already comfortable hand grips can be printed in a wide range of materials for added comfort or personality. A standard roll of 120 film produces up to four amazing images.


The M617 comes with right and left hand grips, standard UNC 1/4-20 (1/4") tripod mount on bottom, and can be ordered with one, two, or three metal cold shoes. The interchangeable lens cones come in a wide range of focal lengths up to 150mm, and can be changed between rolls of film quickly in field.

​Once loaded, the 120 film is manually advanced by rotating the right-hand knob counterclockwise. The exposure number can be read through the sliding window on the back of the camera, with included frame advance chart. For creative uses the film may be rewound utilizing the left knob one or more frames, allowing for multiple exposures of any frame at any future time; or for simply adjusting film tension.


Each M617 lens cone incorporates a precise helical focus mechanism with calibrated metric or Imperial zone scale. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily with the large  ergonomic adjustment ring. Minimum focus distance is about 1.5 meters for most lenses.


Taken with MALEFiC 6x17

Super Angulon 8/90 MC

Ilford HP5 @400

1/125s @f8.0

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