Ordering & Production

How it works:


We have changed to a batch ordering system. Once each calendar quarter we will open orders for 4-6 weeks in advance of the batch production window. Once production starts we will again close orders to focus on building the ordered cameras and equipment as quickly as possible. Orders will be shipped as completed.

2022 Batch Ordering Calendar:

Q3 Ordering:  July 18 to August 14

Q3 Production:  Starts August 15

Q4 Ordering:  October 3 to October  30

Q4 Production:  Starts October 31

2023 Batch Ordering Calendar


Why Batching:


Batch ordering allows us to be more efficient in assembly, waste last materials in production, and minimizes issues such as material delays and machine maintenance. It also helps us work on new products by limiting the constant machine change-over required for different parts.

Fully Custom Orders:

Custom engineering, and bespoke orders are still possible. Requesting custom parts and materials is not limited to the batch ordering periods. These orders require contacting sales and are billed specific to each project scope. A timeline for the work will be determined based on the request, and complexity involved, as well as material availability. Please note, ordering a camera or parts via a custom order will always incur a custom order setup fee even if the configuration is a standard offering in our batch ordering.