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Holiday Ordering

The holiday season is once again upon us!

As the year winds down, so too does our 2021 production. Malefic will be closed December 20th to December 31st. This year we've been able to bring back the 6x17, and ship globally to Canada, Europe, and even Southeast Asia! And we have precious little time left to build cameras before 2021 ends.

In the new year we look forward to bringing back the 6x12, working with a new shipping partner to improve ordering for our non-US customers, and lowering shipping costs overall.

A reminder that all our cameras are still made-to-order and assembled by hand, and our lead times are up to 4 weeks. To ensure orders are given ample time to be completed and delivered in time for Christmas, with expected delivery delays, the last day to order* for 2021 will be Friday, November 12th.

*A quote for shipping will qualify for International customers, provided the order is paid within 24hrs. This will be noted on the invoice.

Wishing you a happy holiday season.

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