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M612 Batch Ordering

We are pleased to announce we will open orders for our updated 6x12 model M612 cameras on Monday, July 18th.

Many of the updates from our M617 model have been brought the the M612 including improvements to the film take-up spool retaining clip mechanism, our updated 1/4 UNC mounting socket, improved focus scale weather proofing, manufacturing improvements to reduce labor intensity, and added individual serial numbers. In addition to these we've also updated the grip design for comfort utilizing our ported handle design for cable management flexibility, made changes to the frame counters, and added the option for 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 or custom film gate frames* in addition to 6x9 and 6x12. Lastly, we'll be expanding the list of standard lens cones available for direct ordering in the coming months. Lastly, we were able to reduce the overall camera weight slightly as well.

The camera body will be sold for $199 USD, and can be ordered in either right-handed or left-handed configuration. Lens cones will be $49 USD each. As with our M617, standard continental US shipping will be included, Hawaii, Alaska and international shipping will be offered at a flat-fee based on region, costs to be finalized upon release.


With the continued disruptions from the pandemic still impacting transport and some supply chain materials, we have not been unscathed. And while we've been able to weather most of the impacts with silent grit, our ability to continue taking ad-hoc production orders has seen our costs skyrocketing, while we've been perpetually understaffed. This has been most noticeable in the very long delays in product design, such as updating the M612, and has effectively made it impossible for us to continue developing new products under current conditions.

In order to keep costs manageable, and maintain reasonable prices and delivery times we will be changing to a batch ordering process going forward. Cameras will still be made to order, however, we will simply be grouping those orders each quarter. Custom orders will still be possible, and subject to custom ordering terms and fees**. Please contact sales regarding any materials, colors, or custom lens cones you may require. For our international customers who wish to pay by wire transfer instead of credit card during the batch order period, please reach out to our sales person to process your order.

What this means in practical terms is we'll be opening sales for 4-6 weeks to take orders for the next production round each calendar quarter. Once ordering closes we'll begin producing and shipping cameras. We expect this will allow us to maintain and even improve upon the time it takes to manufacture each camera even with the significantly reduced staff, without having to increase our prices.

The first quarterly order period will open with the re-release of the M612 on July 18th and last for 4 weeks until Aug 15th, after which we'll begin the batch production. We expect to have most if not all orders shipped out by the end of August under this new system.

We look forward to building you a new, affordable film camera.

The Malefic Team

* - Frame counter numbering holes provided for 6x6 and 6x9 numbering tracks only. Alternative frame spacing may be accomplished on the 6x9 track at slightly reduced frame count for 6x7 and 6x8 framing.

** - Ordering standard model cameras/configurations under a custom order are still subject to custom engineering and ordering terms & fees.

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