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Spring Update on Production

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

2021 has been exemplary in terms unexpectedness. Between Chinese New Year, winter storms, and the Ever Given causing an almost constant delay in shipments, not to mention the on-going COVID-19 crisis still slowing down most things like government paperwork, we've managed to get enough equipment and materials in hand to finally produce some cameras. Although not as much as we'd like, we're pressing forward in as much as we can.

Moving forward we'll be re-releasing the cameras one model at a time. The first of will be the much sought 6x17, followed by the 6x12. We expect to have a final date for the 6x17 release by the end of next month, with our goal to be getting them in hands for Summer/Fall. These will not be sold with the optional viewfinder, and we will not be making viewfinders in the immediate future.

All cameras will still be made-to-order, and orderable through this site as before. While we are working to reduce production times 2-3 weeks from order should be expected, and in some cases longer periods. Any custom orders and international inquiries will be handled separately on an individual basis. For our European customers, please note we are unfortunately not currently able to collect and remit VAT or GST fees to other countries.

Please be safe and responsible while enjoying the Spring weather, wear a mask, and check back soon.

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When can I order an extra cone for my 6x12? I’m planning on getting a new lens for it.


About Europe sales, normally this is a tax free export for you. You get from the post office a green paper to put on the package with the sales value. Add an invoice. At package arrival, your customer pays local taxes and processing fees. Not your concern. A German distributor would help a lot, this country is used to export without fuss within Europe (A market of 500 million customers.) Do not make the mistake of an UK distributor, it will just complicates the process and be more expensive than direct sales from the US or through a distributor working in Euros.

Regards, Philippe (Belgium, Europe)


First of all, it's very nice to hear from you that Maleficware will produce panoramic cameras again. While without optical viewfinder I'm seriously hesitating buy new one. Please seek and find a way to be sold with 'optical viewfinder'.

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